Since 2005, I have been focusing on reducing wasteful expenses, and on increasing sales for SMEs and non-governmental organisations. With my partners, I am now based in the Solihull area of the West Midlands, UK.

Many businesses fail in the market due to lack of internal controls and lack of profitability and sales. I am here to inspire you by offering my expertise on internal business auditing to reduce waste and theft in your business, supported by improvements in your finance and investments, strategic planning, people management, business performance management, and corporate social responsibility.  I ensure that my focus on internal auditing works best for your benefit.

With my partners, I deliver a personal, professional service and value to my clients. My aim is to inspire you by helping you increase your sales and profits through smart investments, and I am 100% committed to achieving this important objective.

My Guarantee to your business

In collaboration with my team, my experience in  helping start-ups and scale-up businesses is supported by my qualifications in Management, Accountancy, Public and Private Policy.

There is no successful  business without controlling internal costs and theft while increasing sales and profits through smart investments. Through my ample experience in succeeding with my own businesses (VistaPak – vistapak.co.uk, EggPak – eggpak.co.uk and Medex – medexnet.net), I guarantee that you increase your sales and profits in the shortest possible time. This is my business mission, and you can only capitalise on it.

I invite you to contact me on stefan.gauci@gaucimagri.com and we can discuss your concerns about internal controls and sales during our first meeting without any obligations.